Catamaran Trips

Relaxed Luxury

The best way to travel from Island to Island.  No schedule

Traveling the BVI’s and USVI’s depending on your wishes


The itinerary of your choosing.

$6100 per Room/Couple for members. (Invite your friends also)

Join as a Single, a couple, or fill the entire boat with your friends.

(A full boat is 4-5 rooms, depending on the boat)

Your own private Chef and Captain

3 full meals a day.

Your own bedroom and bathroom.

Plenty of room on the boat to spread out or hang with friends


In February, we booked a one week trip to the USVI with Adventure
Unknown. We sailed the USVI on a 50 foot catamaran sailboat. The
trip was amazing! I am such a planner and like to know details, but I
held back and really welcomed the fact that this was an “Adventure
Unknown” and to embrace discovering what the USVI had to offer.
Scott and Johanna were easy to communicate with. Prior to our
departure, they set up a group chat through text to answer any
questions about the trip and to share information. In addition,
Johanna and Scott organized a dinner for all of us to meet the other
couples sailing on this trip. We didn’t know the other couples in our
group except for Scott and Johanna. I was a bit nervous about how we
would all get along on a boat together for a whole week. However, they
really did an excellent job putting this group together! We enjoyed
getting to know one another and sharing this experience as new
friends. The boat crew (captain and chef) was wonderful! They were
knowledgeable about the area and made sure to stop at destinations
that would be of interest for everyone aboard. We went deep sea
fishing one day, scuba diving another day, hiking two of the days,
snorkeling, sailing, and relaxing on the beaches surrounding St. John
and St. Thomas. Thank you Adventure Unknown for making our trip
memorable! – 

Our experience with Divine Sailing was amazing. Captain Dick was fun, professional and just a great guy. Most importantly I felt safe the entire time with him in charge. Our chef and “boat mom” Kim was a true gem. She really did make the trip special and the food was amazing. We went with a group of people a few which we didn’t know and made lifelong friendships in the end. Adventures Unknown planned our trip impeccably. I would highly recommend Devine for all of your sailing expeditions.

 – Melissa