Life is about connecting people

where we have been

Adventures create strong bonds, different than those created within the circumstances of normal life.

Relaxing Adventures

Catamaran Cruises -

Spend a week on a Cat with making great friends, being treated like royalty, and making your own itinerary as you go.

Wine country - yearly

Experience the California Coast from the view of the wine maker.  

Experience private tours, private tastings, private food, and wine pairings, all for a specially tailored itinerary.

Can you handle laughting for 5 days straight?


Travel to Botswana to see one of the 7 wonders of the world.

All inclusive, 5 star accommodations

This is a Photo Safari

Mexico - Caribbean

Wanna head to Mexico, Caribbean, or a beach resort?

Mendicino, CA
Pacific Coast

Experience private tours, Private tastings, private food and wine pairings, all for a specially tailored itinerary.

Stayed on the coast, on the bluffs with new exciting adventures in the mornings before the wineries.

Texas ranch

A great relaxing time with friends.  Hunt if you want.  Chill at the open bar, pool, game room, or outside around the fire.  We never wanted to leave.


A trip of a lifetime.  Seeing the safari while hunting.   200,000 aces of private land.  Ate and drank and were treated so well!!


Wanna go experience the true Octoberfest in Germany.  We have been there and know what to plan for.

Punta Cana - Dominican Republic


A relaxing trip with friends

Never ending service 


An eye opening trip of natural wonders!  5 days on land followed by 10 days on a boat.   A place everyone needs to see some time in their life!!

Hunting Adventures

Texas turkey hunting

Guys, girls, families, all are welcome.  Such an exciting resort to hang out at and be treated like your spoiled.

Argentina dove/duck hunts

Wanna shoot your arm off after eating great steaks?  Doves, Ducks, Perdiz, Pigeons, Parakeets, or fish for Dorado.

elk hunt

Hunts in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona.  Quality Bulls!

Alaskan Bear hunts

We have a great relationship with a guide in Kodiac Alaska!  The biggest species of brown bears on the planet.

Mule deer Hunt - arizona

  • All inclusive in Arizona
  • High quality mule deer
  • Very high chances of a shot
  • Possible bonus Javelina hunt also

Utah Elk hunt

ALL INCLUSIVE with Great accommodations



Hunting, outdoor patios, spend a lot of time outdoor relaxation

New Mexico Turkey Hunt

  • This is all inclusive
  • Almost 100% success rate
  • Never ending service 
  • Hunt with your buddy, bring a group

New zealand red stag hunt

Stag and Himalayan Tar hunts or combo hunts.  Then experience New Zealand and Australia for a few days afterwards.

California Black Tail hunt

  • Do you want to add that elusive Black Tail to your list?  
  • Want to add this hunt right before a wine trip?  
  • This coupled well for the few days prior to heading to NAPA for a wine trip.

Louisianna Hog hunt

  • 2-3 Nights unlimited Hog Hunting  
  • Guide included   
  • Accommodations included 


Duck hunts locally or all over the world.  

Tennessee hog hunt

Great accomodations, and  100% chances on killing a great hog.  The best part is how they process the sausage for you……. so so so good!!!

south africa safari / hunt

The best African hunting in the best lodge to be found.  You cant explain the experience.

Duck Hunting Illinois
Nov-Dec 2020

  • Hunting lodge included
  • High success
  • Hunting private ground, flooded corn fields
  • No competition from the public
  • Pick a couple days in late November, or early December


arctic circle

northern lights, aurora, lapland

Have you ever thought of going above the Arctic Circle???



snow, winter, cold

Trips out west on in wisconsin.  Great adventure for anyone!

Alaskan Kayaking

Kayak trips, all inclusive.  Kayak to a glacier in Alaska like we did in 2018

Scuba Diving

Scuba trips to see another world.  Such awesome experiences.

Ouray UTV trip

Side by Side riding the the mountains for Colorad0


Clay pigeon shoots

Fun times for everyone.

ATV - UTV weekend rides

  • Fun times with friends
  • All day rides, relaxing with stops
  • Trips to West Virginia, Mexico, Colorado, and in Missouri.

Scuba Diving Great BArrier Reef - Australia

  • Scuba diving one of the best places on earth

MMA fights

VIP Tickets to an MMA Fight January 2024


Paintballing Group November 2023

Fishing Adventures

deep sea

Oceans, great lakes, where ever the next adventure takes us.


Northern, walleye, bass….

Wanna catch fish like you haven’t before?

trout fishing colorado

Nothing like catching trout in the backcountry.

Salomon / Trout
Lake Michigan

Huge trout and Salmon out of Sheboygan, WI

florida marlin fishing

Wanna catch a Marlin of a lifetime?

Australia Fishing

Reef fishing off the coast of Australia

Club Events

Tequila tasting

 Adventure Unknown’s Tequila Tasting 

Comedy Night

3 Comedians took the stage at Adventure Unknown and transformed the place into a comedy club 

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers at Adventure Unknown 

Women's empowerment series

Women’s Networking at Adventure Unknown

Mixology class

Mixology Class at the club

Wine dinner

Wine dinner at Adventure Unknown 

Shark tank presentattions

Pitch your best idea at Adventure Unknown’s Shark Tank Presentations 


Mastermind social networking at Adventure Unknown 

Travel Talk

Plan your next trip with Adventure Unknown 

Microbrew beer Tastings

Microbrew Beer tastings at Adventure Unknown

Trailer Park Trash

Trailer Park Trash Murder Mystery Night at the Club