hunting Trips

We will bring you to locations that have it all.  Great chances for success.  Excellent accommodations, all the details take care of, and put you with like minded people that will be enjoying every hunt with you.  Nothing is better than stalking that animal, being successful, and enjoying it with those that get the same satisfaction out of the chase.

We will bring you there.

Some of our tried and true hunts are below.

Alaskan Kodiak Grizzly Bear

Kodiak Grizzly Bear

KodiaK Alaska has the biggest species of brown bear on the planet.  We will have everything taken care of for you to experience the hunt and the extreme wilderness of this remote island that is highly concentrated on large Grizzly bears. This will be a 2 week hunt with a very high end guide making sure every expectation you have is exceeded.

For singles or doubles

Tennessee Pig Hunt

Stay is a private lodge with just our group.  You will have 100% chance at shooting a pig.  Great down home cooking, private rooms, plenty of areas inside and outside to hangout, before and after the hunts.  Very much a relaxing trip with lots of opportunities to socialize with the group.  The pig will be processed and ready for you to take home with you.

For the entire family

Texas Turkey Hunt

This place will surpass every expectation you might have.  This place is so much fun!  The resort is perfect for the entire family.  Hunt if you want to.  Pretty close to 100% chances at turkeys.  Many other exotic animals can be hunted also ex: axis deer, red sheep, aoudad, hogs etc….  The best cooking, the best accommodations, and the atmosphere is awesome to hang out at.

for the entire family

New Zealand Red Stag and Tar Hunt

red deer, stag, deer

A 7 day hunt for himilayan Tar and a red stag.  Free range hunting or high fence if you want to.  After this hunt we will go to Australia for a few days for touring and scuba diving / snorkling the great barrier reef

For singles or doubles

South Africa!!! The truest of experiences...

We have then entire lodge.  6 private cabins with just our group.  The hunt will include shooting some cull animals for the bonus experience of hunting more animals and taking long distance shots.  This is soooo exciting!!! Great cooking esp with eating the tenderloins from our kills the previous day, private rooms, plenty of areas inside and outside to hangout, before and after the hunts.  Very much a relaxing trip with lots of opportunities to socialize with the group.  This trip was voted one of the bests trips we have ever been on.

For the entire family

Elk Hunts in Arizona, Utah, or Colorado

usa, america, north america

We have taken several different Elk hunts.  From camping to first class lodging, we make sure all the wants are taken care of.  We have fun, that is for sure!  Whether you are looking for a monster bull, or a tough expedition, or a easy relaxing hunt, we will make sure you have the opportunity that you are looking for.  Elk hunting is a chase that has hooked most hunters after their first try.  Once you go with us, you wont want to miss a year.

for any hunter

Arkansas or Illinois Duck hunting

We have a private club in Illinois and in Arkansas that we can hunt.  Accommodations at both locations are taken care of.  Hunting flooded corn fields or timber.  High numbers of waterfowl, give great chances to have success on most days.

For any hunter


The mecca of all bird hunting.  You can hunt doves all week or do a combo hunt for ducks, doves, pigeons, paraqueets, and perdiz.  We can even arrange for a day of fishing also.  The lodge is spactacular with private cabins.  The cooking is authentic Argentina cooking (Awesome steaks!) on open fires.  This is another trip that we have said was another epic experience.

any hunter

Colombian black tail deer hunt

100% success rates on shooting a quality free range black tail during the rut.  Most of them have opportunities at trophy black tails also if they want.  This is an all inclusive hunt and you will not be underwhelmed!!  We often combine this with a trip to wine county / NAPA after the hunt for fun times and laughs.

for any hunter

Pronghorn Hunt

We go out west for plains animal pronghorns.   A very fun hunt that we can set up by itself or with an elk hunt or mule deer hunt.  Shooting pronghorn at long range is an exciting hunt.  All inclusive!

For any hunter

Mule deer hunt Arizona

deer, buck, animal

A great chance at a monster Mule Deer.  An all inclusive hunt.  Camping on a private range loaded with all kinds of wildlife.  You could have the chance to hunt Javelina, coyotes, Elk, mountain lion, or badger.  It is very easy to do a combo hunt here.  This is a camping set up with extremely high success rates and all inclusive treatment.

any hunter

Pheasant hunting south dakota

Walk the fields in South Dakota, watching dogs work is amazing.  This is an all inclusive hunt with the resort to ourselves. An all inclusive situation with all of your wants taken care of.  Most days limits are shot, followed by an awesome dinner and fun evenings with your buddies!

for any hunter