1st Annual AU Member/Guest "Triathlon"

Friday, June 21st 11am - 5pm

Join us for a day of adrenaline-pumping action and friendly competition at the Clubhouse.

Grab your gear and get ready to conquer the triathlon trifecta with bags, pickleball, and darts!

Bags Tournament: Test your aim and strategy in our thrilling bags tournament. Aim for the perfect toss and score big points as you compete against fellow tri-athloners!

Pickleball Challenge: Get your heart racing with a fast-paced game of pickleball! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. Show off your skills and enjoy some friendly competition on the court!

Darts Showdown: Wrap up the day with an electrifying round of darts! Put your precision and strategy to the test as you aim for the bullseye and compete against friends or foes. With adrenaline-pumping throws and friendly competition, it’s bound to be an unforgettable afternoon of fun and camaraderie!

Cost: $100 per team (2 ppl) Cash Only collected on site.

Don’t miss out on this epic day of athleticism and camaraderie! Prizes will be given for both individual and cumulative challenges, as well as attendance prize drawings.

Lunch will be provided, along with beer, soda, and snacks. Specialty drinks, cigars and more will be available for purchase.

Invite your friends/future members to join in on the excitement!